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Is it fate that I am given the opportunity to visit Chieti, one of the most ancient cities in all of Italy, a city founded in 1181 B.C according to Homeric legend by the Greek hero Achilles?

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After reading about and seeing the aftermath of meteorological destruction in the week prior, it almost seemed as if something supernatural were at hand here creating such perfect conditions; clear enough to see the Adriatic sea from my stone window in Castello di Semivicoli, a stone window built centuries ago.

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Fortunate enough to catch a Pagan festival adopted into Christianity; a towering inferno and hand made sausages – enjoyed under a early winter sky exploding with stars.

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To experience a very distinct culture, one where hand made food, drink and interpersonal communication still reigns supreme, even in the midst of modern technology.

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Crisscrossing the earth; 40,000 feet drinking Riesling while soaring over the Swiss Alps, packing in experiences tightly, and traveling lightly.

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Tasting the handmade philosophy of Marina Cvetic in everything around Castle Semivicoli, from the warm foam in the morning Cappuccinos to the craft vintages of Montepulciano.

More to come… MAN about Enotria.